As a I want < X > so that I can get < Y >

Ideating your product concept is often cumbersome and time consuming. Especially when you want to collaborate and translate it to your design and engineering teams. Founders and engineering teams are often out of sync as they find it hard to describe a business process and software requirement interchangeably. Consuming alot of time, iterations and still missing out understanding each other.

CoCreate enable the product teams to collaborate without missing out anything. Using the most atomic unit to describe a work process, CoCreate helps you build entire product roadmap in form of user stories. This can lead you to successful pretotyping and discovering customer journey and behavior even before you design or develop anything. Fail fast and pivot rapidly.

CoCreate captures the who, what and why of your entire product concept.




Personas development belongs at the beginning of the project, as personas can inform site functionality, help uncover gaps, or highlight new opportunities. Personas help to focus decisions surrounding site components by adding a layer of real-world consideration to the conversation.



An epic captures a large body of work. It is essentially a large user story that can be broken down into a number of smaller stories. It may take several sprints to complete an epic. An epic can span more than one project, if multiple projects are included in the board to which the epic belongs.



In Agile software development, user stories capture the 'who', 'what' and 'why' of a requirement in a simple, concise way. User Stories are designed to keep development teams focused on customer needs, and serve as the driving force behind quickly delivering valuable, high quality software.